Glocalpundit is punditry of the pundits, by the pundits, for the pundits. We provide punditry on the trending issues, we psychoanalyse the pre-existing punditry when they need a loving father figure to get them through the day, we placate the pundits when their predictions turn out to be completely wrong. Where others think global and act local, we stay one step ahead of the pack, and thinktank glocal. We’re not interested in the so-called facts, we’re interested in what the pundits have to say, because the truth always lies halfway between scientific evidence and vested interests. That’s why we’re pundits, that’s why we’re proud.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. This whole thing is pointless, irrelevant trash. This is exactly why “citizens journalists” should go to University and do an two year unpaid internship with an exciting institution like the age. There is no credible analysis of the Rudd/Gillard leadership tussle. That alone should be enough to turn the readership off.

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