What You Think About Kim Kardashian Is What You Think About Women. Take This Quiz To Find Out If You Are A Horrible Person.

By Emmett Ronson, Global Pundit Intern. 

This 110% scientific quiz will reveal your unconscious psychological prejudices based on your feelings about certain famous people.

What you say and think about Kim Kardashian reveals a lot about what you say and think about women. Think about it.

1. Do you think that Kim Kardashian’s family comes from Armenia?

If yes, then you think all women come from Armenia. You are uninformed, educate yourself.


This woman actually is from Armenia. But the point still stands.

2. Barack Obama is Left-handed. What you think about Barack Obama is what you think about all Left-handed people. Do you think Barack Obama is responsible for the drone bombing deaths of hundreds of Pakistani civilians?

If yes, then you think that all Left-handed people are responsible for these deaths, including Bruce Willis. You are Sinistrophobic, educate yourself.


3. What you think about Donald Trump is what you think about cartoonish, orange people. Do you think that Donald Trump is a bigot?

If yes, then you think Nemo, Ernie, the Oompaloompas and Charmander are also bigots. What did Charmander ever do to you? Maybe you are the bigot. Educate yourself.


As can be seen in this picture, Trump is more orange than Garfield, making him more representative of cartoonish, orange people than Garfield


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