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Introducing Umberta Eggo, Chicken Philosopher

Introducing Umberta Eggo, Chicken Philosopher

Glocal Pundit is proud to announce that Umberta Eggo, a renowned Avian philosopher in her native shire of Erskineville, will now be producing a serialised graphic novel of her life experiences and down to earth wisdom every Wednesday. If you have any gripping existential questions, please leave them in the comment section and Ms Eggo will endeavour to answer them

Umberta Eggo in Thought


2 thoughts on “Introducing Umberta Eggo, Chicken Philosopher

  1. Dear Miss Eggo,

    I have been a vegetarian for a number of years now. Outraged at the treatment that your feathered friends were copping in their tiny little cages, forced to sit on top of each other most of the day and lie in their own fecal matter, I vowed never to eat flesh again.

    Then all of these permaculturists came along with their sustainable ways and got me all confused with their argument that I should be able to kill one of your kind and eat them, provided she had been living the free life and keeping my vegetarian diet going by eating those little bugs we hate and you love (it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?)

    Now these Google-sponsored scientists have created a lump of meat from a test tube and are talking about a future of non-animal meat burgers:


    Where does this leave us vegetarians, or even vegans (the real vegetarians), for that matter?



  2. Dear Umberto,
    I have worked out which came first!
    Should I share it and spoil it for everyone else or let the mystery continue?
    Feeling proud

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