What’s your personal brand?

Is your personal brand under performing? Are you sitting alone, envious and depressed, scrawling through Facebook or some backwater blog?  Are you effectively selling yourself to your friends? We all want stuff: sex, money, food, mahogany interiors, leather seats, twitter followers, interpersonal capital (friendship), serotonal optimisation (happiness). Some people think you can get this through regular exercise, healthy eating and building terrariums (putting plants in jars). These people are selling themselves short.

Brand failure will leave you isolated, lonely, lying in a pool of your own filthy excrement, with no social capital for your next interpersonal investment cycle.

In order for us to get the stuff we want, we need to build our personal brands. Your personal brand must sell you to the world, your clients (friends and family). The personal is professional. In the 24 hour new media society, we must maximise our auto-sellability at every moment of the day. You never know when another opportunity will come around the corner. There is investment potential at every party, every casual coffee, every supermarket line. You must always be on brand message, because your close acquaintances, your sexual partners, your brand community, could stop buying your product (you) at any point. Brand failure will leave you isolated, lonely, lying in a pool of your own filthy excrement, with no social capital for your next interpersonal investment cycle. Without your brand you are nothing. This is why you must resynergise your own brand.

Tips: your brand must be dynamic, but also inviting. You must encapsulate your sellability with a three to five word slogan which will appeal to your target demographic. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even devise a mascot or jingle.

Here are some examples of successful personal brands from our peer network:

Albert, well-known Kensington vagabond, found in Flemington Safeway bin:

Enduriating Everday

Sam, sadomasochist from Northcote, GP chatted with him at Friends of the Earth in Collingwood:

The Power of Fun:  happy hurty love

Liz, tofurkey loving hipster from Clifton Hill, GP ran into her at Gertrude St Pop-up gallery:

Art Feminism Chocolate Sex Bomb (AFCSB)

Kate, Melbourne socialite , we bumped into her at a hip Flemington cafe:

Scratchy Snugglepot

Twiggy Palmcock, CEO of Exretum Mining, spotted lunching with Peter Costello at Crown Casino complex in Southbank:

Coallaboration; Fracking Gastastic

Alex, son of David and Malcolm:

Quietly achieving, achieving quietly

Other associates, found at Kere Kere cafe, Melbourne University:

Everlasting Lesbian Love Fluff

We have been working closely with Authentic Personal Branding agents such as MIBOSO , check them out for more hot branding tips

Whats your personal  brand slogan? Share below!


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