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Twiggy Palmcock: Open letter to Andrew Bolt

Dear Andrew,

I hope you will forgive me using your Christian name, after reading so many of your articles and blog posts I truly feel as if I know you. Thus, it was with great disappointment that I read your “These hecklers are journalism tutors? Really?” post yesterday.

It has been a difficult time, this past week, for all of us who are right-thinking people. We have seen the greatest nation on earth (with the possible exception of Australia) fall, perhaps decisively, to the hysterical mania of identity politics. In moments like these it can be easy to turn on one-another, blaming our friends and allies for what has been a collective failure. When conservative forces are divided we are vulnerable to malicious attempts to incite class warfare and unite “minority” groups.

I have admired your work for such a long period precisely because you avoid senseless attacks on conservatives and instead identify who the real enemies of freedom are. Yesterday, you failed in this crucial task.

You swallowed, hook, line and sinker, the mainstream left-liberal media’s assertion that both Martin Ferguson and Tony Abbott had been “heckled” and “man-handled” by a bunch of “anti-coal protesters” (read :anti-jobs/anti-prosperity advocates). This error ignored the logic of your own argument; if Universities have been infiltrated by communist luddites, as they almost certainly have, then the journalists they produce cannot be trusted on their word.

It was clearly advantageous to warmist green extremist agenda to assert that Tony Abbott and Martin Ferguson (despite his Labor affiliations you must admit he is a man of integrity) were victims of some kind of satirical protest. These reports detracted from Abbott and Ferguson’s respective arguments, highlighting the crucial importance of freeing both mining companies (our growth engines) and energy producers and retailers from unnecessary and tyrannical government interference.

Both myself, Twiggy Palmcock, CEO of Excretum Mining, and the young Michael Higgins-Beaumont, founder of Australia’s Young Coal Champions, are respectable stalwarts of rational politics, defending our country against the moral decadence of lesbian atheist communists who control the ABC, inner Melbourne, our Universities and so many other crucial institutions and strategic regions.

Wake up Andrew! We need to fight this one side-by-side.

Kind Regards,

Twiggy Palmcock,

CEO Excretum Mining


2 thoughts on “Twiggy Palmcock: Open letter to Andrew Bolt

  1. What hope is there for the White establishment if we can’t present a united front and support the few politicians left who respect our right to rule?

  2. Andrew Bolt has done a complete U-turn, he was just quoted in the Glocal Pundit as saying ‘Ferguson’s the only sane man in the Labor party, it’s good to see that certain elements of Australia’s youth recognise this and get behind ‘The Ferg’, as those close to him affectionately describe him. The coverage of this event by the liberal media, in which Palmcock and Higgins-Beaumont were recast as ‘anti-cole protesters’ is a damning indictment of their hysterical warmist anti-jobs bias.’

    See the whole stroy here:

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