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Video: Twiggy Palmcock and Michael Higgins-Beaumont congratulate Martin Feguson

Twiggy Palmcock and Michael Higgins-Beaumont captured the attention of Australia’s mainstream media for 30 seconds last Friday, before the news cycle moved on to second hand US election post-mortems and misogynistic social media memes. Here is what the pundits had to say:

Shaun Carney, redundant ex-journalist at the Age:

‘Through their actions supporting Minister Ferguson, Mr Palmcock and Mr Higgins-Beaumont have destabilised the Labor leadership- Ferguson, a well known Rudd supporter, has had his popularity boosted enormously by Mr Palmcock’s endorsement. The door is now wide open for a Rudd challenge. My prediction, predicated on my understanding of student politics in the 1970s,  is that the so called ‘witch’ may soon be ‘ditched’.

Michelle Grattan, redundant current journalist at the Age:

‘I didn’t notice them, I was looking at Julia Gillard’s shoe’.

Bill O’Reilly, Fox Commentator:

‘Twiggy and Michael, they’re part of the White establishment – I’m more worried about the women, the blacks and the hispanics- they really want stuff, they want things, and they think Obama will give them these things. At least Martin, Twiggy and Michael recognise that the only stuff the government should give out are more exploration licenses for gas companies.’

Michael Kroger, Liberal party seed spreader:

‘The left, represented by Martin Ferguson, well-known for his socialist views, is crumbling. Also, Mr Higgins-Beaumont is not, I repeat not, in any way my love child. Julie Bishop and I are just good friends’

Andrew Bolt:

‘Ferguson’s the only sane man in the Labor party, it’s good to see that certain elements of Australia’s youth recognise this and get behind ‘The Ferg’, as those close to him affectionately describe him. The coverage of this event by the liberal media, in which Palmcock and Higgins-Beaumont were recast as ‘anti-cole protesters’ is a damning indictment of their hysterical warmist anti-jobs bias.’

Ted Baillieu, Victorian Premier, Michael’s nephew:

‘I’m looking forward to seeing them at my next conference. I’m hoping they have written a new song for me.’


One thought on “Video: Twiggy Palmcock and Michael Higgins-Beaumont congratulate Martin Feguson

  1. It’s nice to see such a diversity of voices in an article – it brings a lot of insight to one of the most pressing issues in our society today.

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