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Will world revolution begin in Tecoma? When do NIMBYs become NOMPs?

Much anticipation and enthusiastic punditry has accompanied what some are calling the ‘Tecoma revolution’. Moderator of United for Global Change, Samwise Gilda-Coss, has heralded this extraordinary event “the spark that will ignite the second wave of the global revolution”.  Parallels have been drawn by a number of pundits with the self-immolation of Mohamad Bouazizi, which “sparked”** the Arab Spring/Indignados/Occupy movement.

Notwithstanding all the enthusiasm, there are some undeniable ambiguities surrounding the ‘No Maccas in the Hills campaign’. Local woman Sandra Beauchamp stated that she was worried about noise and rubbish in the surrounding area. Sandra also highlighted a common sentiment among locals, stating that “A new maccas would lead to a tidal wave of obese bogans from the flatlands”.

“A new maccas would lead to a tidal wave of obese bogans from the flatlands”

A McDonalds spokesperson seized on these comments, labelling Sandra and the Tecoma movement more broadly, in uncharacteristicly direct language, as “fattist, hippy snobs”. Samwise Gilda-Coss hit back immediately claiming that this attack is part of a concerted effort by McDonalds to “fracture the global revolutionary solidarity” inspired by the occupation.  Gilda-Coss asserted that the Tecoma “grassroots people”, as they insist on being called, and the “bogan flatlanders” share a common class interest, and “will inevitably unite in a global struggle against the oppressive corporate elite”.

Late last night Frogmento Oliphanto, from the Post-Modern Institute for Meaninglessness entered the fray, diagnosing Gilda-Coss’s statements as “symptomatic of the circumstantial liminality of the neo-revolutionary aesthetic”.   His convoluted comments were ignored by all other participants in the debate.

Meanwhile, Tecoma occupiers sang a catchy song, with a melody unintentionally plagiarised from Up there Cazaly.

Social movement are notoriously difficult to predict and perhaps only the forlorn passing of the days will show us if the resilient residents of Tecoma are NIMBYs or NOMPs.

*NIMBYs (Not In My BackYard ) – People opposed to development in their local area

ᶧNOMPs (Not On My Planet ) – People opposed to global injustices

**No disrespect intended to the family and loved ones of a global hero


3 thoughts on “Will world revolution begin in Tecoma? When do NIMBYs become NOMPs?

  1. As an unaligned everyday Australian, I believe an attack on Mcdonalds is an attack on the core tenets of Australian democracy: a fair go, mateship and the right to grow fat on unpaid child labour boiled pig ice cream. Shame on you Tecoma, for bullying an innocent family run corporation! It’s time to end the cyberbullying

  2. As a local hills person I am constantantly amazed at the self rightious aproach these anti McDonald’s, ferrel anarchists have. They believe they have a right to continually put up their graffitti on other peoples property as well as public places and if you dare to be critical,disagree with them or remove their graffitti you had better be prepared to have them attack you with lie’s, personel harm and discusting accusations on social media using a fake name .
    They have no problems using Facebook,Google,trains,drugs,beer,or wine all I believe owned by multinational companies. They also dont think there is anything wrong with brainwashing and using their kids to further their crazy cause. II am not a Macca’s supporter as such but as an adult parent I believe that in this country I am entitled to make my own choice as to where I eat and where I shop without fear of any retrobution by a minority loud mouthed group of ratbag ferrel anarchist’s.
    I am not an academic so there may be some spelling mistakes.

  3. Mr. Coutinho-Hogan, I’m new to the area, but already I know your vitriol is part of the local “lore’ and character. So sad that you never learned to express yourself in a way that conveys your ideas, your thoughts. All one hears when you right or speak is spleen and spew. Im’ sure I’m not the first to tell you this, but I’d like to be the last.

    Truly, there is at least one person willing to listen to you. Speak sensibly, listen attentively, and take a good long look in the mirror when you hurl that “self-righteous” epithet. Seriously. You could be a pillar in this community. Give it a think.

    All the best.

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