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US Election Punditry Psychoanalysis: Who’s the Daddy?

With our resident politico-psychoanalyst Snaveley Probert.

The latest US election punditry demonstrates that the race is as yet undecided, and that at the end of the day that one day in November will answer the question we’ve all been waiting for: which polls were accurate, and which pundits had Mummy issues?

It’s been a fascinating month for punditry in our Transpacific neighbour and surrogate Daddy.

While the pundits of the G.O.P have been calling out for Daddy’s hard whip and toughen up attitude, blue state pundits have been mewling plaintively for the teat of the nanny state. Where’s our Obamacare, they cry! But the real question is, who’s the mummy: Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton? If it is Obama, is he a cis-mummy, or a trans-mummy? What would our archetypal father figure Freud say? And what of the gaffe, that Freudian slip of the tongue, as it were? Why does Romney keep on making them?
A superficial empirical analysis would suggest that he is revealing his actual policy positions when he discusses the 47% and suchlike, but let’s look beyond the facts, let’s go deeper- what about Romney’s Daddy? Does Romney know who his House Daddy is? John Boehmer, or Romney Senior? Does the ghost of the father haunt the son? And when Tagg Romney supposedly declares his desire to punch Obama for criticising his father, is this really a subliminal urge to castrate his own father and eat his testicles, to punish Kronos in the same ironic manner in which Kronos ate Uranus? Only the polls will tell us?


One thought on “US Election Punditry Psychoanalysis: Who’s the Daddy?

  1. Forget who the Daddy is, the real question is: why is no-one talking about the fact that both BARACK INSANE OSAMA and MUTT ROMNESIA are both reptilians in red dresses from the planet Draco in disguise who are microchipping Lady Gaga to anaesthatise our brains with Semitic propaganda. Wake up Sheeple, don’t let the lamestream hollywood media complex deceive you! The Romnesia is nation wide, the truth will set you free, there will be a consciousness shift on the 20th of December when the Mayan calendar crosses over into the age of Acquarius, we need to learn from the wisdoms of Pocahontas and all the other Aztecs, find a pachamama near you and ask her for guidance, forget Daddy complexes, speak to the earth mother, bathe in her menstrual flow, let the red veil erase the red dress, THE SHEEPLE MUST BATHE IN THE BLOOD OF THE EARTH MOTHER!

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